Friday, November 4, 2016

Welcome to Spidey's Bracket

Hello, it's me: your friendly neighborhood Crisler Spider-Man. You've seen me on TV at Michigan Basketball games, on Twitter predicting college football scores, and on my podcast talking about Michigan athletics. And now I'm here to bring you advanced college basketball bracketology all season long as I predict the 2017 NCAA Tournament field of 68. Here is a bit of what you can expect on this analytical endeavor:

PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG: The overall purpose of this blog is to provide predictive information as to who's in and who's out come Selection Sunday next March. But anyone can give you that. The Bracket Matrix literally lists every major bracketologist and who they have in their bracket and at what seed, and come March you'll see Joe Lunardi on ESPN every five minutes telling you his "last four in" and "first four out." On the other hand, this blog aims to cater to the Michigan Wolverines community in providing the information most relevant to our interests. Here is how I plan on delivering that information:

BRACKET UPDATES: By far the most science-y part of this blog, and the reason for its existence in the first place, the bracket updates will provide insight into what we expect the NCAA Tournament bracket to look like. These will be weekly (hopefully) updates, beginning in January when we finish up non-conference play and have enough data for my bracket-predicting formulas to work. I'll post an explanation of my methodology on seeding teams sometime before the season begins.

GAMES RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS (both past and future): This will be the part of the blog where I round up information around the country that has a significant impact on the bracket outlook and throw it together into regular posts. This will include big upsets that shake up the seeding predictions, teams moving their way up the ranks, and things of that nature. Since this blog focuses primarily on Michigan basketball, this section will also include Big Ten updates and resume evaluations of relevant conference opponents.

MICHIGAN RESUME UPDATE: This will obviously be the most Michigan-centric part of the blog, where we discuss what Michigan has done since the last update, how that effects their tournament resume, how they are faring according to the various ranking sites used by the NCAA Tournament selection committee, and what they have to do going forward. A lot of the motivation for creating this blog comes from last season's Michigan squad, who some experts argued had no shot of making the tournament while others claimed they were a lock. That frustration in not knowing what to expect led me to research the selection process in depth and develop tools for predicting what the field of 68 is going to look like.

Obviously this is a very imprecise process and I'm new to the field, but I believe this site can become a helpful tool to the Michigan basketball community as the season unfolds and we prepare ourselves for the best postseason in all of sports. Go Blue!

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